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Global Custody Service - Core Services

Securities Safe Keeping/ Settlement
  • Covers approximately 90 markets including MSCI and emerging markets.
  • Accepts clients' requests of standing instructions regarding automated remittance of the proceeds from the sale of securities, interest, dividends, redemptions and other income.

Cash Management

  • SMTBUSA's cash management services reduce clients' operational burden.
  • Since SMTBUSA processes funds transfers automatically among markets involving the same currencies, clients remit funds only to one location of local cash account.

  * This service cannot be used for certain currencies which are heavily regulated by local markets and governments.

Collection of Dividends and Income: Redemptions/Corporate Actions

  • Based on the information received from our sub-custodial network, the Central Depository and external information vendors, we provide preliminary notification letters and follow-up with official notification letters with detailed entitlement information.
  • For even more accurate and prompt information, we continue to improve our quality control by obtaining and reconciling across various sources in a systematic manner.
  • Corporate action information is available through our Web Site. For more information, please go to Value-Added Services.

Tax Reclaim

  • Generate and distribute tax forms filled out with the name and address of a client.
  • Manage unclaimed and claimed tax refunds status with great care, notifying such status on a regular basis.
  • Offer client support in Japanese for tax regulations and tax refund procedures in local countries.

Web Reporting

  • SMTBUSA provides basic custody reports that can be viewed and downloaded into Microsoft Excel format through our Web Site. For more information, please go to Value-Added Services.

"SMTBUSA Global Digest(TM)" Newsletter

  • Our "SMTBUSA Global Digest(TM) " newsletter, published in plain Japanese, keeps our clients up to date on tax and settlement regulations changes in other countries.
  • "SMTBUSA Global Digest (TM)" is also available through our Web Site in Japanese. For more information, please go to Value-Added Services.

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